Any disease of the liver can be a dreaded one. The symptoms can worsen suddenly. Hepatitis C is one of the diseases that can be life threatening. Just like the other hepatitis, Hepatitis C is also chronic in nature and can cause a lot of damage to the liver of the affected person. The lover is a very important organ in the body and it controls the toxicity in the body. It is the one that helps in releasing and controlling various hormones too.

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The inflammation of the liver is called as hepatitis. There are different causes for the inflammation of the liver and one of them is a viral cause. When the Hepatitis virus causing this disease enters the internal organs, it manifests as Hepatitis C. The disease can even be fatal in those who are not able to get the right treatment on time.

Why Hepatitis C cannot be treated with regular medicines?

All the usual medicines used in the treatment of various diseases are made of chemicals and these will interfere with the functioning of the liver. They can cause an increase in the toxicity of the liver and cause more damage to the already damaged liver. So, it is important to use medicines that do not cause any toxicity to the liver. Herbal therapy, such as the use of medical marijuana is one of the best options available in the treatment of Hepatitis C. It can help in the treatment of the disease with minimal problems. It helps to enhance the function of the liver with its effect.

Effect of medical marijuana in treating Hepatitis C

dutch seeds medicalThere are several beneficial effects that medical marijuana has in the treatment of Hepatitis C. The first thing is that the scarring of the liver will not occur. The liver will heal quicker from the damage caused by the virus. Usually the virus can cause the liver to become scarred and liver cirrhosis can occur. These are prevented by the regular use of medical marijuana. The functioning of the liver is also enhanced and it is able to synthesize various products in a quicker and efficient manner.

The medical marijuana is a boon for those who are suffering from chronic diseases like Hepatitis C. These diseases are also made more complicated by the free radicals present in the body. The anti oxidant effect of the medical marijuana also helps in overcoming the damage to the liver and makes it better, thus treating the liver and curing it from the disease.

Marijuana, a medical herb! What was once considered a simple weed to enjoy a puff and its buzz is now being considered as one of the most important plants for treating some of the most severe health conditions in people. Medical marijuana is a wonder plant which has the ability to treat cancers, tumors and alzheimers, arthritis, and many more health conditions known to us. But, with the plant considered illegal in several countries, there seems to be a huge debate between medical professionals and government law officials on legalizing the plant for medical uses.

Marijuana and Cancer

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In one of its most prominent uses, medical marijuana was found to have aided researchers in treating patients suffering from cancer. Several researches are being conducted to prove the relation between the medical marijuana and cancer treatment. There are several real stories of families who moved in into Colorado to use certain strains of the Medical Marijuana plant only to treat their children from certain seizure disorders which couldn’t be controlled by other medications. The use of this plant as a treatment for seizures pushed the researchers more into learning about the various components of medical marijuana. The results have been phenomenal.

The plant can treat seizures, epilepsy and also restrict cancer cell growths in the body of patients. In a survey conducted by WebMD which surveyed almost 1,544 doctors, almost 82% doctors comprising of mainly oncologists and hematologists, stated that marijuana helps deliver real health benefits to their patients. The weed is used widely to treat cancer chemotherapy based side-effects such as nausea, cancer based body pain, vomiting, stimulating appetite in the patients. However, it needs to be followed under medical guidance with a restricted dosage. The herb also allows you to forget your cancer pain which is one of the major advantages of medical marijuana. The chronic pain usually suffered by cancer patients is eased to a great extent by a simple marijuana dosage.

Cancer, in today’s time is a very commonly occurring health condition. Not just adults, but even small kids now fall prey to this severe and sometime fatal health condition. Further research of Medical Marijuana will slowly but gradually disclose the secrets of marijuana as a treatment for various forms of cancer. This is one reason why most doctors are in favor of the plant being legalized in the various parts of the world.

Cancer is a deadly disease and can affect any part of the body. Most people who suffer from cancer are not completely cured and they usually succumb to the disease. It ultimately cuts short the life of the person by at least a few years. Though there are several drugs to counter cancer, they do not help all patients and at times these drugs can lead to various side effects too. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, not only helps to treat cancer, but it also helps in overcoming various side effects caused by other drugs.

10 ways in which marijuana helps cancer patients:

  1. Chrystal Solution?Fights depression: Almost all cancer patients suffer from mild to severe depression. Medical marijuana helps to provide an elevated mood that gets rid of depression.
  2. Reduces pain: Cancer is always associated with pain. Medical marijuana is one of the best medicines against chronic pain. It not only helps reduce pain, but it does not cause any side effects too.
  3. Sleep: Insomnia or sleeplessness is a common sign of depression caused by cancer. Medical marijuana helps a person to relax and sleep well.
  4. Kills cancer cells: Medical marijuana helps to prevent blood supply to the cancer cells specifically. This helps to kill the cancer cells while the normal cells are not affected at all.
  5. Prevents spread of cancer: Since the primary cancer cells are killed effectively by medical marijuana, it does not cause spread of cancer and prevents secondaries from forming.
  6. Nausea: Nausea and vomiting are present because of chemotherapy. Medical marijuana helps to get rid of the nauseating feeling and also prevents vomiting.
  7. Anti inflammatory effect: Cancer can spread because of any inflammation. This drug has an anti inflammatory effect and this prevents spreading of the cancer cells. This effect also helps in reducing the effect of cancer cells.
  8. Fatigue: All those who suffer from cancer have general weakness. This is because of the fact that cancer cells kill the normal cells and cause discomfort to the affected person. Marijuana helps in preventing death of normal cells and so there is no feeling of fatigue.
  9. Weight loss: Since normal cells survive much more effectively with marijuana treatment, the affected individual will not lose weight.
  10. Constipation: Cancer usually affects the digestive system and the common symptom noticed is constipation. Medical marijuana helps to prevent digestive system problems and there is no abdominal discomfort or constipation when this medicine is used in the treatment of cancer.